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Engineering projects & Condition monitoring solutions

Electromechanical Equipment installations, Predictive maintenance (CBM, PdM), Industry 4.0 & IIoT.

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Condition-based maintenance systems

Our experience has led us to build integrated diagnostic maintenance systems. Easy to use and complete tools help to maximize the use of information from the equipment.


In a diagnostic maintenance program the execution of measurements was always a difficult and timely procedure. No more. WearDC, is the diagnostic maintenance system that can be used by anyone.



A permanently installed system for the most demanding tasks. Multiple sensor measurements and data from the production systems provide a complete view for the condition of the equipment.


Εngineering projects

We undertake engineering projects for energy saving, lighting, air conditioning and fire protection. With many facilities in industry and public works we are known for our insistence on quality and safety.

Engineering Projects

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Ε/Μ installation maintenance

We design and implement complete equipment maintenance programs. We perform pressurized gas leak detection, electrical installations maintenance, ventilation, air conditioning, fire extinguishing and foaming systems. We distribute and manufacture easy-to-use products for the maintenance of assets.

Service Mission
HVACR Service

Precision maintenance

We take action to address the causes of wear on E/M equipment in a timely manner. Alignments, balancing, condition-based lubrication.

Alignment Dials
UE Systems - Grease Caddy

Sensors and distributions

We are official distributors in a range of sensors, tools and maintenance software.

Hansford sensors accelerometers
UE Systems - Ultraprobe 10000
North Protection group
STI Vibration monitoring

UAS inspections

We offer air inspection and data collection services, through Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

In addition to conventional video and multispectral imaging methods, measurements with optical and acoustic sensors are offered to detect pressurized gas leaks and electrical phenomena.


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Every month we send two emails with useful information about the industry and maintenance. Sign up:

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